Sunday, April 12, 2015

(Cadbury) Eggs for Breakfast

Breakfast of Champions
If this is the real world again, I want vacation back.

Two hours after I got home, my roommates cat peed on my comforter.
I discovered a friend lied to me by not telling me he was married.
The cat sat on my computer and messed up settings.
I gained 3.5 pounds.
I finally deleted my ex from my phone contacts.

I woke up this morning still mad at the cat for peeing on my comforter last night and angry at my friend for not having told me that he was married. The cat is getting fixed later this month, so hopefully her hormones will calm down and she'll stop peeing on my stuff. But for my guy friend to not tell me he was married? I'm still miffed about that.

To be clear, we have both agreed from the start that we are not going to date- we are just friends. I've known he has kids and I asked him how many times he's been married. He said twice. He never bothered to tell me he was currently married.

We had a long heart-to-heart conversation last night about some rough stuff he's been going through with his first wife. During that conversation he finally came out and said that he was currently married. He says he's tried to tell me before but that I didn't get it. Ummmm.... hello, you either do or do not tell someone you are married. You don't try. It's like sort-of being pregnant; there's no sort-of, you either are or are not pregnant. There's no in-between.

I'm not mad because I'm upset at the loss of a potential dating partner. Like I said, we've been clear with each other from the start that we are just going to be friends. We've repeated it to each other over and over and over. We are just friends. But maybe the reason that he can't date me because he's already married, maybe that should have come up as one of his reasons. Maybe?

I was so stressed and angry this morning, and having just returned from vacation there was no food in the house. Nothing except some Easter candy my roommate had given me- mini Cadbury eggs. In my stressed state and being very hungry, I ate almost a dozen mini Cadbury eggs for breakfast.


So, now I'm not only angry, hurt, and hungry, I'm now feeling crappy from eating crappy food.

I vent to a friend via texting, only to realize that some coworker friends will be arriving in 30 minutes to go to lunch and hiking. And I've got all these feelings swirling and thoughts swirling around that I need to get out (and onto my blog?). I open my laptop to get it ready and then hit the shower.

As soon as I get dressed I come back to my laptop to find the cat sitting on my laptop. She's magically walked across all the right buttons to really mess up the settings and do who-knows-what, but I don't know how to fix it except to try to restart the computer. I'm pissed.

And then the doorbell rings.


My coworkers are here to go hiking, my computer is messed up, I feel like crap from eating candy for breakfast, my friend lied to me, I just deleted my ex from my contacts, and the cat peed on my comforter. I answer the door with tears in my eyes threatening to spill over.

I contemplate cancelling going hiking with them because of the horrible mood I'm in, but quickly change my mind. I don't want to be in the apartment all day, alone, with the cat who pees on everything and messes up my computer. It's a beautiful day. I need to be around people and out in the sunshine. I opt for the distraction, dry my eyes, and go.

Now, at the end of the day, I'm glad I didn't skip out on the hike. I had a good time at lunch and in the mountains, and they ended up staying for pizza with me (which was free because I'd used bonus points!). The day ended much better than it started.

I don't think I'll kill the cat today. My computer is working again. The comforter will get cleaned. My friend... well... we'll have to have another heart-to-heart. Life will go on. This, too, shall pass.

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