Saturday, March 12, 2016

Poems of the Tiger and the Dove

This man I loved was inspired to write me a poem. And something about our love inspired me to do the same. He has gone from my life, but the poems and memories remain.

April, 16-18th 2015 written by Tiger, about our first date weekend
The first time we kissed
my heart nearly missed
the pattern of its faithful beat.
To feel your lips touch mine,
sent me onto cloud nine.
I could barely stand on my own two feet.
The dances we shared, the laughter we dared,
as two kind souls learned from each other.
We took a chance on the web
and now in my head I am glad we found each other.
Until I see you again at our familiar places
and outdoor spaces,
will always have a picture of you ... making silly faces.

April 26,2015 written by Dove
"The Tiger and The Dove" 
strong, gentle, dauntless 
tender, peaceful, beloved 
matchless together 

April 27, 2015 written by Dove 
To the one I love 
To the one who has captured my heart 
I give it freely I know it is safe with you 
You are my strong protector 
My gentle love 
My encourager 
My inspiration 
I am yours

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