Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lake Blanche

New friends - new hike
As if a my first ever 5k race in the morning wasn't enough, when a friend texted to share about me run, he invite me on a hike that afternoon and I said ok, afterall, he'd done a 10k that morning and if he could do it so could I. I had just enough time to find and buy a hydration pack, grab some lunch, and because of a delay I even got in a power nap.

So after a quick clothing change, sunscreen reapplication, and I was ready to go on a hike. When my new dancing friend pulled up with a car-load of people, I was psyched to go to Lake Blanche, though I had no idea where it was. After a short drive up the canyon we were at the trailhead and fortunate enough to find a parking spot in the lot and not on the side of the road.
Lake Blanche

We all strapped on our hydration packs, except the guy who only brought a frozen Coke, and we hit the trail. It was a beautiful trail along a creek, though it was very narrow. We stopped occasionally to let other hikers pass by on their way down and to take in the views.

With every stop we were awed by the breath-taking views. At one stop, about 3 miles up, while we were waiting for a couple people in our group to catch up, the guy and girl I was with with decided to stop and do some dance poses on the rock outcropping we were sitting on. The background scenery was stunning and the light hit at the right moments.

The hike was not easy, but it was so worth it. Once at the top, at Lake Blanche, we thoroughly enjoyed the views as we stopped to rest and snack on trail mix.

The trip down was easier than going up, as the descent usually is, but still a workout. My legs were burning and shaking from the exertion of the day. About 7 miles and went up 2,720 feet in elevation on the hike (plus the morning 5k). But it was all worth it for these views:

We could see the Lake!
Look through the branches.

Can you see it?

Lake Blanche

The other two lakes at the top.

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