Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Than Hot

An article that came across my Facebook wall prompted me to write this. It was about the difference between women who are hot vs. beautiful. I highly encourage you to read it. I think it will speak to your heart, too.

At first, on my weight loss journey I did have some aspirations to be hot. To have a body that men would desire. To have a body that I would desire. Now, I long to be beautiful and I scoff when men tell me I'm hot.

I don't want to be (just) hot.

Hot is what is seen on the outside. I want a man to see my inner and outer beauty. Hotness fades after the music dies, the makeup comes off, the drinks wear off. Beauty radiates from within. 

Like the Bible characters of Esther, Mary, and Ruth, I don't want to be safe, nice, or sweet; I want to be a powerful, passionate woman who is a beautiful warrior. A warrior who fights in a feminine way for my family, friends, children in need, and myself. And I want a man who is drawn to my character, such as courage, faith, and bravery.

As I continue reading chapter one of "Captivating" (yes, I'm still only on chapter one), there are so many truths that jump out to me and speak to my heart. The desire to be beautiful is lifelong and has caused some women grief while others have been shamed, used, and abused for it, yet the desire still remains in a woman's heart. "And it's not just the desire for an outward beauty, but more - a desire to be captivating in the depths of who you are." A captivating woman has a soul that is alive.

I want to be seen for more than my outward beauty. I desire to be seen and appreciated for what's in my heart - my great capacity for love, my loyalty - my fierce loyalty, and my compassion. When eHarmony matches ask my three best qualities, those are what I write about. I long to be seen and admired for those things in my heart.

And here's a quote from the book that's one of my favorite's so far:

"We desire to possess a beauty that is worth pursuing, worth fighting for, a beauty that is core to who we truly are. We want beauty that can be seen; beauty that can be felt; beauty that affects others; a beauty that is all our own to unveil."

That is the kind of beauty I want. That's what I want others to see in me.

All quotes taken from:
Eldredge, John and Stasi. Captivating. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2010. Print.

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