Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kick Out the Chemicals!

Ladies (& gentlemen!),  we use the most product on our skin and therefore have more junk that bioaccumulates in our bodies. Bioaccumulation can cause so many health issues, which is why it's so important to minimize your toxic exposure! Do yourself a favor. Download the Think Dirty app by the EWG and start scanning your products. You might be surprised by how toxic products are--even labeled natural or gentle! Read this article and see what a difference just a few DAYS can make without those harmful chemicals!

I love that a Young Living has created solutions for these issues--everything from household cleaners, face wash, lotions, soap, hand purifiers, laundry soap, and now make-up!

Are you ready to start making better choices for yourself and your family? We are the gatekeepers of our homes--we decide what can come in! I'd love to show you how to start swapping out these products in your home over time and save you money too!

I've got several "101" classes coming up where you can learn the basics of essential oils and why I chose Young Living. Pick a day that works best for you and invite your friends! Find class and ordering info on my website:

Original text source credit goes to Lani Palmer, Young Living Silver.

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