Monday, April 28, 2014

SHAKE things up and get HAPPY

Last week I discovered how important it is to take a dance break while at work. I work alone. No one ever stops by my office (ok, except maybe Josh and one of the Preschool ladies from downstairs and they aren't "no one" but it's rare). Without visitors, I tend to sit all day at the computer, which gets monotonous, boring, and frankly not very good for me, hence the need for dance breaks.

While they aren't true salsa music, I still practice some of my salsa steps as well as throw in other moves and just keep moving the whole song. It makes me feel good.

Today I'm in a funk. I'm tired from a few too many days of not enough sleep PLUS being busy and active and on some days STRESSED (four interviews in three days does have that effect). I didn't realize how much I NEEDED my fun, upbeat music until I put it on. Fake it 'til you make it, right? TRUE! I forced myself to put on a smile, get out of my chair, turn up the music and dance. Guess what!? I actually started to feel a little happier. I'm going to take another dance break right now! Pick a song and join me! Happy Shaking to you!

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