Saturday, February 7, 2015

Made in HIS Image

Dear Loved One,

It's been some time since we've talked. After our last conversation on the phone, I was very hurt. You went on and on about how beautiful I was NOW and about how I shouldn't get fat again. The unspoken message I heard was that I wasn't acceptable before and that your value of me is conditional based upon my physical beauty.

In the eyes of my Heavenly Father, the King of Kings, I am beautiful not because of how I look but because of whose I am. I am the daughter of the King, made in His image and He is perfect. His love for me is unconditional.

I know we are humans and are therefore imperfect people, but I hope we can try to love each other more like God loves us. I forgive you for what was said, but the words have left a mark. I'm feeling afraid to talk to you again because the last time we spoke it wasn't a safe conversation. I'm not sure what it will take to make it feel safe to talk t you again, but I think a good start would be to not talk about weight loss for a while.


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