Sunday, March 29, 2015

Time to Get Creative

The end of another month is approaching. That means it's time to switch up my workout routine again. I've been alternating my workout sets (upper body sets and lower body sets) every other month. I'm kind of ready to bring in something new. 

I follow a couple blogs from fitness professionals (Jenna Wolfe on and's fitness blog). Usually, I pull in ideas from those places with workouts from my trainer I had many years ago in North Carolina, and mix it all together to make it work in my little fitness center at the apartment complex. It's been working so far; I've lost 20 pounds since living here and toned up a bit. But I'm getting bored with alternating the same workouts every other month. 

With the warmer weather here I'll definitely be incorporating more outdoor walk. I've mapped out two routes so far. One route is just under 4 miles and the other is about 4.5 miles. I think I need to look for a route that is about 3 miles, and one that is 5-6 miles, just to give myself plenty of options.

My immediate goal is to find something that I can do while travelling that requires no weights, can use exercise bands or body weight, and can be done either in my room or outside. Spring Break is coming, I'll be visiting family, and don't want to lose what I've gained, but I also don't want to sacrifice family time either. 

Please share your favorite "anytime, anywhere" activities for fitness in comments. Links to videos to demonstrate are always appreciated!

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