Saturday, May 30, 2015

Willow Heights

Finally, a sunny beautiful weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah and I did not want to be stuck inside all day. After sleeping in to recover from dancing until the wee hours this morning, and after completing my week 2, day 3 Couch to 5K workout, I met up with a friend for an afternoon hike.

The last time Sarah and I went for a hike we got caught in a downpour at the top of the hill and ended when we got back to the car. This time, there was no rain in the forecast and hardly a cloud in the sky, so we strapped on our hiking shoes and headed up the canyon.

We decided to go to Willow Heights (check it out on All Trails). Its' about 2 miles round trip and takes about 1 hour. We found it without too much of a problem (unlike the first time I went there last fall with my roommate). The drive up the canyon was easy and we found it just past the Silver Fork restaurant and parked on the shoulder of the road because there's no parking in the neighborhood by the trailhead.

We walked up the neighborhood roads stopping briefly at one intersection only once as I pondered which turn to take to get to the trailhead. I'd left the hiking book in the car because I thought I remembered. I was right about which direction to go and we spotted the trailhead just down the road.

The trail is listed as an easy hike in the guidebook, but we did breathe a little hard on our way up and stopped a few times to get water and take a few pictures of the view.

We found a small meadow and crossed a little stream. Then a little farther down the trail was the big meadow and the lake. Looking from the big meadow across the valley was a great view of Solitude ski resort. We saw a deer as we looped around the lake. And we decided that it would be a nice hike to pack a picnic on and relax for a while.

The walk back down the trail was much easier, but we did stop once to have some water. My legs were a little tired and wobbly. Had to do some stretching when we got back down to the car. I'm pooped, but in a good way. Hopefully it'll help me sleep well tonight.

Two moose, one in the pond and one in the bush!
Check out those awesome hiking shoes!
The lake at Willow Heights.
Solitude ski resort

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