Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Tiger and The Dove

This is a post I wrote a few months ago but wasn't ready to publish. It's now time to share.

I was in love. The relationship ended. My heart ached for a long while because it was the first time I experienced real, unconditional love from a man; something I've longed for my whole life. And just as quickly as it came into my life, it was gone again. And there was little explanation as to why or what had happened. Sometimes I still wonder where my tiger went.

Dear Tiger,
I wish I knew what happened to make your love change. Three weeks ago you loved me and I was your dove. Now there's only silence.
You loved me from the start. It took me a little longer. I believed in your love. I believed in you. Now you're gone.
I wish I knew why. I wish I could go back and undo what I did wrong. I wish I could show you how I've changed, that I've learned from my mistakes.
But you're gone. You've disappeared like a ghost.
Now I'm left with the memory of your love, your smile, your gentle touch, shared prayers, your gentle and tender heart, your compassion and generosity, and our time together to make me smile. I'm left with distance, no reply, lack of communication, and wondering what happened which makes my heart ache and tears fall.
It seems you've left me so I'm letting you go. Good bye, my Tiger.
But I believe in second chances. I believe in a God who forgives and gives me second, third, fourth, multiple chances every time I fall and fail; He helps me back up. I believe in Love. God is love. I believe in forgiveness, learning from past mistakes, and moving on.
If you come to a place where you want a second chance...
Your Dove

You came shooting into my life
Things changed fast
You made things happen. A whirlwind. An explosion.
Our heads were spinning and hearts pumping.
Life stepped in to slow us down .
We got scared. We'd moved so fast.
We drifted apart
to nothing.
No words anymore.
Empty space. Silence. Longing. Heartache.
Good bye, my Tiger
Your Dove is wounded.