Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Third 5k: Fallen Hero Memorial Run

Last weekend I signed up for two more 5ks to try to get my running motivation back. The first of two - my third 5k so far - was today. The Fallen Hero Memorial Run in Draper, Utah is to remember and raise money for the families of those who have lost their lives. Super hero attire was encouraged, so my friends and I all wore tshirts (some borrowed, one bought - but now I'm kind of wanting to buy my own, too). I look pretty SUPER if I do say so myself.

I have been pretty busy and very tired since school started. I was losing motivation to continue my training. My hope was that by signing up for these races I would be motivated to keep training for a 10k. With the race coming up I knew I had to get refocused on my training and other things to take care of myself. I gave myself permission to say no to some activities and yes to myself. Taking care of myself, I got more sleep and made time for running again.

I made myself go to bed early on Thursday and not stay out late dancing or playing volleyball on Friday. I also resumed  my training in order to prepare for the race today. I was feeling good this morning as we arrived at the race start.

Looking SUPER!
Last night, I met up with my friend Matty to borrow his Superman shirt for the race today. I had picked out my shorts, socks, and running shoes, with his shirt I was ready for the superhero run.

My friend Sarah and I got to the race site about 40 minutes before the start to pick up our packets and get warmed up. We found Melissa, who had invited the both of us to join her, and  got some pre-race pictures. (Melissa's husband is the head mechanic for the airmed choppers, so we were excited to see it arrive before the race.)

At the starting line we agreed to run our own pace and meet again at the finish line. I was a little unsure what my pace would be since I haven't run on the street for a while - I'd been doing treadmill runs for the last month or so. I started easy, and when my tracking app said my first mile pace was 11 minutes I knew I was doing well and could go a little faster the next two miles.

I picked up the pace on my second mile and did it in 10:30. And in the third mile I caught up to Melissa and we finished together. According to the results I was 5th in my age bracket, which I'm pretty proud of. (Melissa was 3rd in her age group, and Sarah was 4th in her age group. Nice job to all of us!)

When I got home, I made notes on my race bib and took a long, much needed nap. So glad I am getting back on track. And so glad I was able to do this race with these lovely ladies this morning.

pre-race group photo
pre-race selfie

Official result - slightly different than my apps results, but only by 5 seconds.

post-race selfie
We did it!

My bib collection, with race notes.

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