Monday, January 4, 2016

Love My Body, Thank My Trainer

I've been working out now with my personal trainer, Sage, for a month. During my workout with him this evening, he asked me about if I'm seeing results and was happy with his services. I said I was happy with him, and then moved on to focusing on the torture, er, I mean exercise he wanted me to perform. Clench this. Stand like that. Elbows and knees in certain positions. You know, focus.

But later this evening, as I went about cleaning the bathroom, still in my workout garb and jamming to the radio dancing, I noticed something. I look good. My tummy jiggles a little less and the pooch is smaller. And my back fat, you know the stuff that hangs out over the bra band? Yah, that, it's a little smaller too.

And then I remembered something from this afternoon. As I was walking through the hallway, I thought my legs felt better.  Stronger. And maybe a bit less touching, like there is some thigh gap.

Oh, and the other day, when pulling on my leggings, I thought my butt felt firmer.

So, yah, Sage, I am a better Becky. Thank you for helping me get here. And thank you for helping me go farther, get faster, and get firmer. Still more good things to come!

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He's the real deal!

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