Tuesday, January 12, 2016


This is a reposting of a note I shared on Facebook back on March 18, 2010... almost 6 years ago, just after leaving/losing my new teaching job which I had moved cross-country for. Suddenly, it's resurfaced as friends are commenting and liking it again. I thought it a good message worthy of re-sharing, now through my blog. Remember - no matter WHAT you do it's WHOSE you are that matters most!

Dear Friends and Family,
For the last 7 years, my identify has been wrapped up in being a teacher; when I was criticized as a teacher it was a big sting because that was how I found my identity - if I wasn't a good teacher then i wasn't a good person. I never thouht of what I would do if I weren't a teacher because that's who I was, at least I thought it was. So, not being a teacher had left me feeling like I lost a part of my identity.
I've spent the last few months spending a lot more time in the Word and personal devotions. Except in February because I wasn't really enjoying the Portals of Prayer so I had stopped doing them as my devotions, but I didn't replace them with anything else. I asked one of my pastors for a suggestions. He had recommended a particular online devotion, but I had not followed through on his suggestions (sorry Pastor!). Until today...
Today, I was on biblegateway looking up a verse that's on my page-a-day calendar in the Message translation and I wanted to see it in NIV. On the biblegateway homepage I followed a link to online devotions. This devotion was a great reminder that who I am is not about what I do; my identify is found in Christ! So whether I am an expeditor at the manufacturing company or a teacher at a Lutheran school or... it doesn't change who I am - I am God's child, His witness in my workplace, His servant, His voice, His hands and feet. And He never changes, even if my job does!
So, that's my little revelation I had today - just wanted to pass this on to you in case it can help shine some of His light in your life!

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