Friday, January 1, 2016

Dancing Blues

Confession: I don't love dancing right now.

The last few times I've gone out to go dancing, I've done more watching than dancing, and I leave disappointed.

At first I've wondered what's wrong with me that no one is asking me to dance. And I thought about it.

The answer?

Nothing. Nothing is wrong worth me.

I'm beautiful. I look good. I'm dressed nicely. I smell good. I'm a good dancer. I'm trying to make eye contact with men so they can ask me to dance. I'm near the dance floor so they don't have to wade through crowds to get to me.

It's not working. Last night,  in two hours I danced maybe five or six times. Wednesday night, about the same but over a three hour period. And at the Christmas formal it was very similar; my biggest disappointment that night, though, was not a single swing dance with swing partner! And at all these events there are usually several guys sitting, or standings around, talking and not dancing.

So, really, I must conclude that there is something wrong with the men since they are not asking. Yes, I know I can ask a guy to dance; however, in ballroom dance that is not proper etiquette.

I'm not going to give up dancing, but I am contemplating a break from it if things don't improve.

Disappointed. Very disappointed.

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