Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Determination for Life

Wow! I stumbled across someone else's inspirational journey via a Facebook link today. While I don't completely support some of his methods for weight loss (and FYI- neither he nor I are medical professionals, always consult your doctor for weight loss advice), his story is inspirational and he does have some good points.

Here's an excerpt of something he said that I felt grateful for.
"Determination for life: hopefully all this helps motivating you. No matter how impossible it feels...just know that you can do it! Trust me: I used to think that I was "big boned" or it was "God's plan" for me to be big. That's a blatant lie. Your identity should be found in living a disciplined life (which embodies making Christ like choices that effect every area of your life: mental, physical, spiritual)."

Now, go read the rest of Ben's story here: How Ben of Sidewalk Prophets Shed 120 lbs.

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