Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Urban Hiker Girl Is Now In Utah!

Urban Hiker Girl has gone suburban! Though I don't have my Utah driver's license yet, as of 7pm last night I now live in Utah.

Due to thunderstorms today I decided to do my walking indoors this afternoon at the fitness center of my new apartment. There's also a universal weight machine that I gave a try. It felt good to get hot and sweaty from a good workout and not just from walking through the Seattle humidity for a few minutes.

As the weather here improves I look forward to exploring the area on foot. I'll be sure to post pictures.

I'm going to keep this entry short today as I don't have internet in the apartment yet so I'm using the shared computer in the clubhouse lobby, which is due to close soon; just wanted to give you all a quick update that the Urban Hiker Girl is alive and well, but now in Utah!

Keep walking, my friends!

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