Monday, July 7, 2014

The Dog(s) That Started It All

For the Fourth of July weekend I was asked to dog-sit some of my favorite pets- the dogs that started it all, Casey and Rudy. It was back in December of 2013 that I walked those boys every day for a mile or so and I thought to myself "I feel good doing all this walking," AND "I want to eat better, fuel my body with better food, because walking makes me feel better." So, one night after getting back from our daily constitutional, I sat down and started working on my plan. And so it began....

The family had lost to cancer the cat they had and so on July 1, I went to meet the new cat, Diego. Casey eagerly greeted me at the door, but Rudy was not in sight, "Perhaps he's in the backyard," I thought to myself. Sadly, I discovered on inquiry, that Rudy's cancer had come back, and that combined with his incontinence that came with old age, caused them to choose to put him down in early June.
Snuggling with Diego and Casey.

I felt a moment of sadness for the loss. Rudy was a big old Husky whose tail was always wagging and he always looked like he was smiling. But, he was always having accidents and never seemed to be able to settle down comfortably. Poor old Rudy; I'll miss him.

But, Casey was still there and very, very happy to see me. And Diego was just a cute little fur ball, full of the energy of a 2 year old kitten. And for four days I got to walk with at least one of the dogs that helped get me started on this journey. I'm gonna miss "my" animals. (Anyone in Sandy, UT need a dog-sitter?)

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