Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finally Past the Plateau!

Well, I did it. I weighed in this morning.

My usual routine is to get up on Saturday morning and just before I step into the shower I weigh in (no clothes, just me on the scale).

Last weekend I was dog-sitting and staying at someone else's house. First I couldn't find their scale (good excuse to not weigh in!) and then my excuse was that it wasn't my normal scale so it might not be accurate. I ended up weighing in anyway and the scaled showed a huge drop (about 6 pounds). I was at 195 on their scale. I was a little afraid to celebrate because what if MY scale didn't show the same weight loss. Would I end up being disappointed the following week if the scale went up?

After a day or so of deliberation I decided to claim it. Go for it. Even if the OTHER scale was off by a few pounds I was still down and I was still past my plateau.

But I didn't let my celebrating go to my head too much or slow me down from working just as hard.

So back to this week's weigh in. Drum roll, please.... the home scale said this morning 198. Hooray!

Wait, what? Did you cheer, even though it's up from the previous week?

Yes. I did cheer. Because I'm still past my plateau of being stuck just above 200 and because I still lost 3 pounds over the last two weeks. So, come on and cheer with me! Hooray!

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